C64 emulation on Xbox ?

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C64 emulation on Xbox ?

Post by beardfreak »

Anybody tried it here? Which is the better emulator? I remember Jimi D telling me which one to try, but I can't remember.

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Post by Chain »

Hmm I haven't played with it for ages.. been waiting for a keyboard adapter (usb basically) to turn up from Lik-Sang..

Gamebase one is pretty good though ;)

jimi d
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Post by jimi d »

Vice64 is the one to go for, made by the same guy(xport) who did the atari emu and many others. Got most things to work on it ok with some slight tinkering :lol:

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Vice64 gets my vote

Post by studiox64 »

Definately go Vice64. I have been running it for ages, near perfect emu on almost all games. Sound emulation rocks too. Great front end also.

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