As think as 'S' ...

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As think as 'S' ...

Post by beardfreak »

A survey from online bank Egg found one in three people bought items they did not need when prices were cut.
:lol: - we are a collective joke at the sales.

Suddenly a beige sports jacket with leather padded elbows looks an item of rare beauty when it sports the 50% off mark down myth.

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Lucky for me I just wear stuff and have no idea/clue about fashion so will never be tempted by cheap clothes etc..

Gadgets on the other hand :(

Although I am having a big clear out at the moment and have decided to be a little more sensible about what I buy in future, although the Bongo Drums for the GC ARE essential ;)

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Post by Stelf »

Whenever have people just brought what they 'need', when did any of us need any of our homely comforts.

People who aren't into the whole internet are at the mercy of shop prices, so yes the after christmas sales do look good generally to them. And yes will always boost impulse buying.

Thanks Egg for pointing out the obvious trend in sales after Christmas!

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