A Mixed Bag

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A Mixed Bag

Post by Mobious »

Well what a mixed week. On Tuesday I became unemployed after a number of 'discussions' with my boss David Brent I told him what to do with his job, but he turned down my resignation and sacked me the next day as he has to have the last word! What a muppet. Anyway I have been a PC game which I think is a gem and has been massively overlooked. That game is Ground Control 2.

Its an RTS without the resource management, and u capture victory locations to get reinforcements like CTF. A big bonus and a rarety, you can play the game in co-op mode as well.

I know RTS's aren't many peoples thangs but its definately worth a look!

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Post by Stelf »

I enjoyed the first one, which was quite underated also.

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Post by Chain »

Mobi hope you have something else in the pipeline?

I know how you feel I have had a shite year so far .. More downs than ups, I sometimes wonder how I'm still breathing. :(

Chin up young chap straighten up and kick arse somewhere else :)

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