I was stoned and walked into Chaos ...

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I was stoned and walked into Chaos ...

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Enjoyed a wee reefer and went for a walk the other day. Popped over to a friends house and walked the usual route.

The walk lead me past an off-licence that I frequent.

I noticed in the distance a large group of "baseball caps" (white guys) hanging around and moving erratically outside of the off-licence.

As I approached I saw a huge black guy wading through the middle of the white crowd waving something. He had his shirt open, showing his muscles off.

There were fists being thrown and then this black guys girlfriend waded in.

A truly bizarre and disturbing scene.

Now, this black guy had been in the "offy" buying a drink and 3 of the baseball caps pressed in close to his girl and pinched her backside. The black guy swung round and told them to "fuck off" and if they wanted a fight, he'd comply when he was outside. The 3 baseball caps started to taunt him and waited for him outside the "offy". They launched into a fight as soon as he left the shop, launching kicks at him. He attacked one of the baseball caps and about 10 others piled in on top of him from around the corner.

When he got up, somebody had bit into his ear and there was blood pouring down the side of his face.

He went to his car and pulled out a sledge hammer - yes, a sledge hammer and swung it wildly in the air, aiming at the youths heads. I kid you not!

The guys who started this were not aware who this guy was and have just opened up a chapter in their lives that will not close cleanly. The black guy had just got out of prison and apparently went down for ABH. He has gone off to gather a force and bring them back to the area to finish "the business". This information I gleaned from the guy who runs the "offy" - a good friend of mine.

I have thought for a while that eventually this would happen, as the baseball caps I have watched from afar for some while. They were defintely heading into this territory and would eventually pick on the wrong person.... and they just have :wink:

Brutality will no doubt ensue for these lovers of violence.

Worst of all, it spoilt my reefer !!!!

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