Xbox Boot Disk

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Xbox Boot Disk

Post by Mobious » ... b&aid=1877

Looking for it now, as soon as I get it, I will of course pass it on, if its not vapour ware! :roll:

jimi d
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Post by jimi d »

Interesting, pity everyone I know has already had their boxes chipped......

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Post by Chain »

Hmm well the bootdisk idea is a little way off yet ;)

Been keeping my eye on it and it seems that it will work.. but for how long no one is certain as it needs to alter the dashboard and thats not a good idea if MS release a patch.. Hence why everyone I did an Xbox for had a backup of the Cdrive just in case of something like that ;)

Still its worth noting that people have found 3 other ways of fooling the Xbox Dashboard since that one went public :)

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