Last day..

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Last day..

Post by Chain »

Well thats it just got the dreaded call that my last day is 31st July but I'm ok to go now..


...err.. Yeah freaky..

Any tech support jobs going ??


jimi d
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Post by jimi d »

Sorry to hear that Chain......Time for a hearty drink and to also 'borrow' as much stuff from the office as you can fit into a couple of binbags...

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Post by beardfreak »

I know - major bummer. The bell of doom has tolled. Sorry to hear that. It hits you in the guts doesn't it and casts you into a sea of uncertainty.

Stiff drink - or large doobie (if prefered) and then when the storm has passed focus on a future plan.

..... or become a dole dosser and play video games all day .....

Take care mate - I have some DVDs to send you soon btw

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Post by kernal »

Think of it as being set free mate. Go get em!

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