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I'm trying to find a Unreal Tournament Map I had a couple of Years ago that I can't remember the name of..

It is a massive caven (room) with a walkway at the top running along the middle, you can use this to run around a grab the snipper rifle on one side. On the other side is another ledge only accessable via a lift from the bottom that takes some health away as you go up. But on here is the Redeemer and some health.

I also seem to remember you could shoot a light and a false part of the wall at one end would move away giving access to the shield belt at one end.

The bottom also had a hole in the middle that you could jump through to come out at the top, above the walkway. Sometimes you would get crushed though if someone triggered the compression thingy bob..

Driving me nuts trying to find this anyone (Mike) got a clue?


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Oo'er. That sounds very familiar mate, and I remember there was a map in Quake 2 that had some similarities to that. Anyhoot, I'll scan through my map piccies later tonight.

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