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Welcome to the greatest games available for the Commodore 64, compiled by the users, for the users!

It seems like there are millions of C64 sites around now, with just about as many games to download as you can poke a stick at. It occurred to me that a new user to the Commodore emulator scene - or the C64 itself for that matter - wouldn't have a clue what great games there are on the '64. More likely than not, a few real bad games will be downloaded and put the user off the C64 for life... a real tragedy!

After putting up postings on various newsgroups, contacing people by email, and speaking to loads of my C64 loving friends, I've compiled a list of best ever Commodore 64/128 games. In total, I've gathered a list of over 100 games, which I've cut down to a more reasonable size. Below you will find a link to these pages, which contain the best of the best on the '64. The games are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER, but they are THE most voted for games. A lot of the users who have voted are known to me personally, and quite a few of them have over 15 years experience of the C64 scene, so you bet that they know their stuff. As new classics are discovered and/or remembered, I will add more games. If you know of a game which you think deserves a place here then email me! Remember, it's not the quantity, it's the quality that counts.
Along with the games themselves, there are screenshots and a brief description of the game, and why it deserves to be in my chart.
So please, click for C64 gaming heaven!